Welcome to Georgetown Medical! Since 1997, Dr Helou has been serving Sussex county patients and residents primarily via his Georgetown office where he originally started then opened up his new office in the beginning of 2008.

Given the patient demographics, he provides care to a broad spectrum of patients with a wide variety of medical conditions. His main interest and focus has been on Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease, Hypertension, arthritis and chronic medical conditions especially with the growing percentage of retirees in the area. He delivers cutting edge treatment for diabetics in a multidisciplinary approach that involves weight loss programs, complex medical/Pharmacological treatment, continuous glucose monitoring, Insulin pumps and alternative natural treatments.

Dr Helou and his Nurse Practitioner, Rita Meadows, have also teamed up with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation(JDRF), to help extend medical help and expertise to our young type I diabetics and have achieved milestones in that regard. These are patients that typically have to travel long distances to receive their proper care.

Also, we are trying to increase awareness and raise money to help the research and discovery of better treatments and hopefully a cure!


Dr. Beshara Helou, Internal Medicine Physician - Georgetown, Delaware